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Top Gainer Today Stocks List


Top Gainer Today BSE Stocks List

A top gainer can be defined as security that gains price or increases in price during the course of a single trading day. top gainers security has a higher price at top gainers premarket rather than its price at the open. When the stock market indexes go up, it is likely that there will be more top gainers and losers and top gainers and losers in the market.

Gainers are the stocks that tend to close with a higher price than what they opened with/their previous close price in an intraday market. If they are a part of any indices, the market indices shoot up. Conversely, when market indices are rising, the possibility of there being more top gainer and loser. NSE India publishes the top gainer and loser in share market categorically as today's top gainers and updates it on a real time basis. The best top gainers share is arranged in the list in a descending order.

Top gainers in a month are updated on a real-time basis and can effectively summarize a great part of the intraday trading activity. Top gainers company must be analyzed collectively rather than singularly. Top losers are arranged in ascending order from top loser to least loser. In this context, top gainers resemble the rise in price for stocks. However, the concept of top gainers is also applicable to the cryptocurrency market as you can also find top gainers in crypto.

You can start top gainer investing by taking help from our top gainer blog to find top gainers in stock market today or today top gainers from top gainers list.

Company Name Symbol Sector Bid Qty Last Price Change Volume PE Ratio PB Ratio Upper Circut Lower Circuit VWAP