Coinage Algo Machine


Coinage Algo machine is developed to make successful and profitable trades and to win over fear and greed. You can trade seamlessly without human phycology. Coinage Algo Machine is designed to work in any segment, it allows profitable trades in any instruments we just have to try different parameters and different time frames as per instruments. It designed to make big profit when market trend and it avoids trades in ranging market but we can see some trades in ranging market with small profit and small loss.

We have used Ichimoku, RSI, ADX and ATR which is works well to make profitable trades.

Features: -

Avoid Trades in Ranging Market: -

It is designed to avoid maximum trades when market is in range but we can see few trades in ranging market as well but trades will be minimum.

Minimum Trades Maximum Profit: -

It is designed avoid false signals so we can see minimum trades and maximum profit.

King in Trending Market: -

It is designed to make good profit in trending market so when market is trend, it makes huge profit.

Wrong Entry Exit with Small loss/Profit: -

Whenever it takes wrong entry it exits with small loss or small profit which makes it profitable in every month.

Average Monthly Profit in Nifty, Bank Nifty & Crude: -

It has an average monthly profit of 400 in Nifty, 1400 in Bank Nifty, 200 in Crude.


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  • Check and Back test it on our machine on remote if satisfy buy it.
  • We do not take any guarantee of profit, if you find yourself un-satisfied with the Copy trading result, stop copy trading immediately.

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9315077750 / 9738000707